Mitchell Freeway


Mitchell Freeway, Hodges Drive to Burns Beach Road

Landscape Planners, contracted by Main Roads WA, developed revegetation and landscape design solutions for the 5 km Freeway extension.  Civil works included bridges, medians batters and interchanges and the integration with the Northern Suburbs Railway and Stations.  The alignment was revegetated using species endemic to the local vegetation complexes; specific vegetation requirements were required for the Railway electrified areas. The landscape theme involved the creation of self sustaining vegetated roadside corridors, to provide refuge for flora and fauna within the urban environment, whilst providing screening and visual relief for surrounding residents and road users.

Mitchell Freeway, Burns Beach Road to Hester Avenue 

Landscape Planners, contracted by Main Roads WA and in consultation with Local Government and community reference groups, developed the Mitchell Freeway Landscape Strategy.  The strategy involved the development of soft and hard landscape concepts for the Freeway extension and was developed to be included in the Scope of Works and Technical Criteria section of the design and construct contract for the project.